Driver punches cyclist through window in road rage attack (video)

hull road rage cyclist driver

Footage has emerged of the moment a cyclist was attacked by a driver in a road rage incident in Hull, U.K.

The cyclist said: “I suddenly realised there was a car coming straight for me and I didn’t know what to do.  At first I thought he was doing that to duck into one of the driveways of the houses, but he kept coming.

“A gap actually opened up when the car behind him stopped, but he didn’t turn into it, he actually turned into me. He caught me with the back end and I ended up getting caught up in his back wheel and it threw me over my bike.”

After an angry exchange the cyclist claimed the driver threw punches at him.

“He wound his window down and was punching me on the head as he was driving past. A lady stopped in her car to give me her details but I think I was suffering with concussion as I have no idea what I did with her details.”

“I called the police from the scene but I refused an ambulance as I could still walk and felt relatively okay, if a little shaken and bruised.


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