Disc brake debate continues as Katie Compton’s knee gets cut by rotor


Katie Compton’s season came to an end when a competitor’s disc brake rotor sliced her knee to the bone after a crash in the opening laps of Krawatencross Lille.

“I was riding the line in the rut and Helen [Wyman] literally ran into me on my right and took me out,” Compton said. “Nikki [Brammeier] was on my left doing the same thing… There was no room to pass there and they should have waited instead of crashing people out just to get by.”


“The good thing about disc rotor slices is that they don’t hurt till much later and the bleeding that doesn’t want to stop cleans the wound nicely.”

Despite the deep cut, Katie Compton finished the race, ending up 7th overall, an impressive ride considering the circumstances.


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