Cyclist injured after smashing into sadistic wire trap on popular trail


A British cyclist was left bloodied and bruised after riders were targeted with sadistic wire traps deliberately placed at head height on a popular trail.

Neil Nunnerley, 47, was cycling along the woodland path when he suddenly crashed into a barrier made of wire and branches causing him to be flung from his bike. He suffered injuries to his mouth, face and chest.

He said he was travelling around “15 miles per hour” when he crashed into the dangerous trap.

“The trap was set across the track with woven branches within it that were fixed horizontally. It wasn’t until I saw the branch I realised it was a trap.

“One of the branches struck me and got lodged in my mouth whilst the wire caught my chest and the lower of my neck. I was pulled from my bike and fell backwards striking my head on the floor. Thankfully, my helmet saved me.

“Being a biker, my first reaction was to check the bike. It was then, when I looked down, that the blood started to pour from my mouth, then the pain hit and the realisation of what had just happened”.

After calling his wife and sending her images of his injuries, he rode home, washed his wounds and sought medical assistance.

“I was more than hesitant to go to the hospital in fear of the virus and the current situation we find ourselves in.

“My wife called the out-of-hours surgery who forwarded her to the hospital. The hospital assured us that A&E is a safe zone and that I should attend.

“My injuries include bruising to my chest and neck and a swollen mouth with three stitches.  Although my injuries are minor this could have been a lot worse,” he added.


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