Cycling is a good idea for your first locally date

couple weding bicycle

First dates usually involve people following the same old traditions of sitting in a fancy restaurant and spending hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, cycling (or some other activity for that matter) is an exceptional alternative to monotonous and pretentious dinners. Plus, it also tells you about the playfulness of the other person — given that accepting such invitations is a thing of the rare Phoebe’s, not the excessive Rachel’s. Keeping the other activities for some other day, here’s why you should choose cycling for your first date:

Health benefits of cycling

Firstly, unlike other activities, cycling does not involve much effort from you. And given the low impact, cycling will suit both of the partners. Also, it does not require any special skills; almost everyone knows how to ride a bike, and once learned, cycling is unforgettable. If you and your partner are both fitness enthusiasts, you may already know the health benefits of cycling. Although a low-impact activity, cycling can have positive effects. Not only on physical health but also ensures mental freshness. Moreover, its benefits on physical health are not only limited to fitness, rather cycling acts like an aerobic exercise — cycling can do a lot of good to your body.

Dating site to find the like-minded person and be in shape together

Not all dating sites host users who are interested in fitness and open enough to say yes to an unusual invitation like a cycling first date. Some dating sites surely include dedicated space for interest towards physical self-care on the profiles. Moreover, you will also have to narrow down your search to dating site that can help you find someone in the local area because the idea of cycling on the first date will be absurd if you both live 10 miles apart. Yes, you both can still choose to go to some cycle-loan houses but try arranging the date somewhere calm.

Main reasons to find cycling-lover for relationships

As mentioned, not all women and men would accept such invitations, but the ones who do are a keeper. However, cycling on the first date is not only a judging factor that tells you whether the person is playful or not. There is more to it.

First and foremost, individuals accepting the request will show whether the person really takes care of their fitness as they indicate in their profiles or not. Plus, it is the best way to avoid awkward talks as you both will have a topic to discuss, i.e., cycling. You can revolve your questions around that direction and get to know each other well, increasing your chances of a second date. Moreover, given that you find someone from the local area — you can also expect quick meetups and live a relationship like it should be lived. Furthermore, you will always have a reason to meet — you can simply ask them to join for a cycle tour and avoid wasting time with awkward waiting periods and month-end silences.


Cycling on a first date may seem like much, but it is considerable given the openness of people towards dating. And do not forget that there are no set rules to cycling dates — like with the conventional where dinners and awkward silences are mandatory regardless of whether you both like each other or not.

Be that as it may, here are some ground rules. Set a time that is convenient to both of you (whether wise too). Plus, ride side by side. And do not forget to create a plan B.


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