Cycling Commuting: The Benefits for Students


A bicycle is a quite popular form of transport among students nowadays. And this is not surprising, because compared to other modes of transport, a bicycle has many advantages. But what are the advantages? Let’s try to find an answer to this question!

Benefits of bicycle commuting

  • Improved sleep

Riding a bike in the morning is great for waking up faster. Thanks to regular physical activity on the bike, your sleep will be better and healthier. It means that you will wake up refreshed. By the way, regular cycling removes the stress hormone cortisol from the body, which prevents you from falling asleep after numerous loads. Thus, cycling helps you get rid of insomnia. It is very important for students to get enough sleep. Write my essay also helps students to accumulate some free time taking on important tasks.

  • Increased stamina

Thanks to regular cycling trips, you increase the overall strength of the body, feel more cheerful and more active. So, it is easier to carry loads during the working day.

  • Enrichment of cells with oxygen

Spesialist of the best nursing essay writing services agree that while cycling the blood is intensively enriched with oxygen, which, along with other nutrients, goes to the cells of the brain and other vital organs of the body.

  • Improvement of blood circulation

The bicycle makes blood circulation more rational and efficient. For a healthy person, the normal heart rate is 65-70 times per minute. For people who regularly ride a bicycle, this rate decreases by 8-10 times/min.  It happens because the heart switches to a more reasonable mode of operation. Thanks to which the “resource” of the heart is preserved, its early “wear” and of all kinds of heart diseases are prevented. Besides, it is one of the nursing research topics trending.

  • Improvement of the skin condition

Regular cycling helps slow down skin aging. This happens because the increased blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells more efficiently. Cycling also creates ideal conditions for the production of collagen, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Stress reduction

Cycling is the easiest and fastest way to get a portion of happiness hormones. Like other cyclical sports, it is a great way to take away yourself from unpleasant thoughts. Try to drive at least a couple of kilometers — everything unnecessary will fly out of your head. Monotonous movements, measured breathing – all this automatically puts thoughts and feelings in order.

  • Strengthening of the nervous system

Cycling has a beneficial effect on the overall emotional state, helps strengthen the nervous system – improves your mood and overall well-being, you get a huge boost of energy.

  • Improvement of lung function

Riding a bicycle, your lungs work much more actively than usual. During a long, at least for an hour, trip, a person’s lungs work at full strength. Thanks to forced ventilation, the lungs are quickly freed from toxic substances, which exist in almost any modern city. At the same time, of course, you should try to plot your way closer to nature and away from busy roads.

  • Improved vision

Cycling is very useful for eye training. Judge for yourself: wherever your way runs – along forest trails or sidewalks – you have to keep a close eye on the road. The gaze constantly focuses and switches from subject to subject. So, such training of the eye muscles improves vision.

  • Strengthening immunity

Those who regularly spend their free time riding a bicycle significantly increase the body’s ability to resist infections, immunity. This significantly reduces the likelihood that you will suffer from seasonal diseases.

  • Saving time on the road

Riding a bicycle is faster than walking. Moreover, if you compare it with a car, you do not need to stand in traffic jams, because of which we stand longer than we drive. The bike allows you to independently plot your route without adjusting to the traffic schedule of public transport.

  • Saving money

Bicycle prices are very affordable and bicycles are usually simple in service. If you bought a bike, you do not need to refuel it daily,  to pay tax and insurance. If something breaks in the bike, then its repair will not require a lot of money.

  • Meeting new friends

Added to good health, a bicycle has a positive effect on the social side of your life. Riding a bicycle is a great way to get to know new people who are highly likely to become your friends – because you are united by common interests.


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