Video by a pro rider reveals that disc brakes can still pose a danger

Are disc brakes dangerous in group riding?

Reinier Honig, who rides for Austrian team Vorarlberg, has raised a question about the safety of using disc brakes in road races after he tweeted a video showing what happens when water is squirted directly onto disc brakes that have been used recently.

Honig, who has previously raced for pro-continental teams Vacansoleil, Acqua & Sapone or Roompot-Oranje Peloton, posted the video asking the question: “How about this aspect of disc brakes? #hot #ridersafety #nostitchesneeded”.


Disc brakes were first introduced into professional races at the start of 2016, but that trial was suspended after Spanish rider Francisco Ventoso alleged that he had been injured by a disc rotor in a crash at Paris-Roubaix.

Ahead of 2017, the UCI decided to restart the disc brake trial, but a leaked poll, conducted by the CPA riders association indicated that interest was lukewarm at best among the pro cyclists who responded.


  1. Carbon wheels melt at well over boiling temperature of water, and plenty of those have melted, so better ban them too.
    Braking components get hot, what a surprise.


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