Valgren escapes serious injury after Fleche Wallonne crash

Michael Valgren crash fleche wallonne

Michael Valgren crashed out badly with 65 km to go at the Flèche Wallonne.

In the fall, the Astana rider hit his head and face, and got some brushes to the right arm and leg. Immediately after the crash Valgren was sent to the hospital of the city of Huy for detailed medical research. A computer tomography has been held as well as a few stitches have been applied. Fortunately, the research did not reveal any fracture or other serious injuries.

“Unfortunately, this heavy crash happened and it had a big impact over team’s strategy in the race. We hope, Michael will get well soon. We were lucky, he did not get too serious consequences after this fall. But, anyway, it was not the only bad luck for us in this race”,  explained Lars Michaelsen.


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