Tandem Bicycles and Dating as a Way to Find Your Nonstandard Love


Are you a cyclist in a relationship with someone just as committed to two-wheeled action? Perhaps you’re dating tastes could be described as ‘nonstandard’? Do you sometimes chat about bringing someone else into the equation to spice things up? Sport is terrific for bringing all sorts of individuals together, with cycling being specially recommended for socializing. More and more couples are combining their love of bicycles with a need to feel closer and are investing in tandem bikes – twin bicycles mounted on a single frame. Some of these tandem duos might like expanding into three-seaters or ‘triples,’ reflecting their adventurous love lives! Welcome to the world of tandem bicycle dating.

Sports Lovers Look for Thrills Online

In the modern age, anyone seeking liaisons that might be described as ‘outwith the mainstream’ has one surefire course of action to guarantee success. Joining a digital matchmaking outlet. Say you fall into the heading of ‘people within a committed partnership wishing to add a frisson of excitement to things.’ Would you describe yourself as ‘a couple seeking female near me?’ like those who look for a threesome? If so, then you’d be amazed at what you can uncover when you rely on the digital environment. Online dating has exploded in popularity in recent years, not least due to the pandemic closing down socializing venues and sports arenas for so long, leaving people with no alternative but to ‘go digital’!

Any dating site, or its downloadable app version, will cater to a particular audience. This can include generic sites with multiple sub-headings available or niche outlets focusing on specific tastes. The latter can cover a diverse array of topics – LGBT dating, age-gap relationships, or couples seeking partners – to general headings that are more connected to hobbies or interests. If you’re a sports lover, this represents a fantastic opportunity to interact with people on the same wavelength. Registering with a digital service instantly provides access to a wealth of features and tools that make it easy to track down the type of individual most likely to develop chemistry. Here are some of the ways you could use this platform if you’re on a quest to find nonstandard love.


Dating outlets rely on software designed to narrow down your choice of a prospective partner. When you complete the application process, it’s up to you to specify the type of relationship you’re eager to embark on. If you’re a couple seeking women, these programs will ensure you are matched with people who have similarly stated this is the type of situation they are into. This approach will certainly eliminate any awkwardness about touching base with individuals who might be less open-minded.

Tailoring Your Searches

One of the most worthwhile aspects of going online to arrange nonstandard get-togethers is that the power is in your hands. It’s up to you to decide who you’d like to get in touch with, and the easiest way to streamline this is to choose appropriate parameters when compiling profile searches. If there’s a drop-down box for a couple looking for a girlfriend, choose that. You might wish to share this information in a comments box, too. Remember, these outlets rely on complete discretion and confidentiality, leaving you free to explore the possibilities.

Tandem Bicycle Dating

Let’s highlight tandem dating as a fabulous way of bringing non-mainstream partners together and consider some tips for achieving satisfaction.

– Choose a tandem together

Although bicycles are a widespread mode of transport, tandems are less commonplace. What better excuse to get to know your partner and, indeed, a possible third member of your intimate trio than choosing your vehicle? Take your time choosing the most efficient model and selecting the color scheme you all find appealing.

– Plan exciting excursions

Using a tandem can be a stimulating way of seeing the countryside. You can all get together to plan your next jaunt to take in the scenery and select places where you could break up the journey. A welcome country pub serving delicious snacks might top your itinerary. If you’re organizing a longer jaunt, you could agree on somewhere for a romantic stopover. Combine your tandem activity with nonstandard love at the end of a long day’s cycling. To keep your relationship invigorating, think of fresh destinations for your next outing.

After connecting with a fellow cycling enthusiast, you should start planning to make the most of your shared passion. You might want to think about bike jaunts you could go on. Or investing in new equipment. Another aspect that can also bring you closer as a couple might be your health and well-being. Successful cycling means looking after your physique and understanding how to cope with backaches and muscle stress. Once you’re in a relationship, always make sure you encourage each other to remain in peak condition.


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