Riding a bike in a swimming pool, the latest fitness craze

water spinning

Cycling in water? The idea was popularised in 2011 by a Frenchman, Alain Lellouche, who named his franchise “Waterbike” and sold it à vitesse to more than 80 spas and gyms across France, where hydrotherapy has always been popular.

Whilst it may seem an odd concept at first, the idea of riding stationary bikes in a swimming pool actually has many more health benefits than you might expect.

For swimmers looking for a new way of training, this could be the answer and fitness fans are always looking for a new technique or training method. They get a buzz from doing something new and varying exercise can help boost all-round fitness.

Everyone knows what good exercise cycling is for cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. Hydrospin takes the basic concepts of a stationary bike spin class and puts them in a pool which gives a new dimension to the normal class. Spin classes are a popular and effective way of training, but can put pressure on joints and muscles, especially if participants are carrying injuries.

A Hydrospin class offers that same level of training intensity, only with the added support of water. The water provides cyclists with a degree of support for their limbs which is impossible to achieve on a normal stationary bike.


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