Richie Porte fractures clavicle and pelvis

Richie Porte crash tour de france 2017

Richie Porte suffered a devastating crash on stage 9 of the Tour de France which forced the Australian out of the race.

Porte went down on the descent of the hors categorie Mont du Chat when he slipped off the road into grass and crashed into the side of the mountain at a high speed.

After receiving immediate attention on the side of the road, Porte was taken to hospital for observation where he underwent X-rays.

BMC Racing Team Chief Medical Officer Dr. Max Testa explained the nature of Porte’s injuries.

“Richie Porte was transferred to the Centre Hopitalier Metropole Savoie in Chambery where he was evaluated by Dr. Zerr. He underwent X-rays to determine the extent of his injuries. His condition was stable from the beginning, he was responsive and he remembered everything that happened before and after the crash,” Dr. Testa explained.

“X-rays confirmed a non-displaced right clavicle fracture and a non-displaced right acetabulum fracture. Richie also suffered extensive superficial abrasions involving the right side of his body. At this stage, the injuries will not require surgery. The plan is to re-evaluate Richie tomorrow morning and confirm that he is stable enough to be transferred home.”

Dr. Testa confirmed that Porte will require a minimum of four weeks off the bike.

“Normally, a fractured clavicle and pelvis would require four to six weeks’ recovery, providing there are no complications. If everything goes to plan, Richie could be back on the bike at the beginning of August and slowly build his fitness up from there. Based on Richie’s recovery, we will re-evaluate his program for the rest of the season in consultation with BMC Racing Team management.”


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