Paris-Roubaix to feature more cobblestones

Paris Roubaix 2017

The 2017 Paris-Roubaix route has been confirmed and this year will contain 29 cobbled sectors totalling 55km, over a total race distance of 257km. 

The two new cobbled sectors are Viesly a Briastre at nearly three kilometres long, and Briastre à Solesmes, a shorter stretch of 800 metres. In total, the Hell of the North will have 55 kilometres of cobblestones, or 2.2km more than in 2016.

“The first is three kilometres long; it is actually being renovated but it is one of the difficult sectors,” said route designer Thierry Gouvenou.

“The next is a lot shorter, however it is uphill! It is not our wish to make the race harder at this stage, but to find more diversity between the cobblestone sectors and make sure these areas continue to feed the legend.”

The 256 kilometres parcours will again start in Compiègnes and of course finish on the famous Roubaix velodrome. After the first stretches of cobblestone a change of direction will lead the peloton to the Briastre and Solesmes for sectors 26 and 25, which haven’t been used in the race for 30 years.

Along with the changes the race will still feature the infamous sectors of the tranchée d’Arenberg, Mons-en-Pévèle and the Carrefour de l’Arbre.


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