New video raises fresh concerns about mechanical doping

mechanical doping

Allegations of motorised doping have been fired against Wout Van Aert in the media for the second time inside a month after an incident during Krawatencross.

Spanish newspaper AS asks whether world cyclo-cross champion Wout Van Aert is using an illegal hidden motor in his bike. “Van Aert’s bicycle is again raising doubts about this strange rear wheel movement. Motor or simple skidding?”, says AS.

Similar claims were made against Van Aert last month following the World Cup race in Fiuggi, when again the rear wheel of his bike seemed to spin oddly.


  1. Sure there’s momentum, too much momentum. On the following climb the wheel seems to accelerate when he’s running uphill, but sadly the resolution of the video obscures the details.

  2. But would the motor not be fitted in the frame powering the crank? But his crank is stopped by his feet. He horses the power nearly high sided but corrected it. This witchhunt is ridiculous

  3. I will try to replicate this on my cross bike but it looks pretty sus. there is a lot of power/momentum going down to cause this flick but it might be possible. Sort of thing you get off road. Lets not get carried away.


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