Mathieu van der Poel crashes into a marshal but wins the race (video)

mathieu van der poel crash diegem

Mathieu van der Poel dominates cyclo-cross circuit, with five consecutive World Cup wins and six in the Superprestige series – the most recent of those coming in Diegem.

As Van der Poel was getting ready to make a right-hand turn in one of Diegem course’s many narrow sections, a course marshall was standing right in Van der Poel’s line after entering the course to reportedly pick up a pair of glasses. With his head down, Van der Poel ran head first into the course marshall. After taking stock of an apparent neck injury, Van der Poel recovered and won the race.


“I do not blame the man,” Van der Poel said on PlaySports after the race. He could be seen rubbing his neck after the fall. “I first saw the man standing on the right, I thought he would stay there, but he doubted and went to the left. I banged my head and felt my neck cracking, my neck folded completely double, which will be stiff tomorrow. “


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