Lieuwe Westra: The last few months I have been trying to overcome my depression

Lieuwe Westra

After the surprising announcement of an early retirement for Lieuwe Westra earlier this week the Dutch cyclist opened up about his reasons.

“I understand that for many [the announcement] came unexpectedly,” Westra said in a written statement.

“I am very sorry that I have to end my career this way. The last few months I have been trying to find my motivation and overcome my depression, but also because the two [legal] things running now I can not longer afford to send me to focus on my professional career. ”

Westra is reportedly involved with two legal disputes, one with his former agent and another with his brother-in-law and former business partner.

“I am supported by my family and will fully focus on my recovery — also get a handle the current [legal] cases. I hope I can overcome my depression in this way and can again enjoy everything.”


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