Is the Bike Boom Here to Stay?

Throughout the past year with the lockdown and stay at home orders in place, and with the allowance to go out for limited exercise, many have found that cycling has become a new passion for many with suggestions that it had even led to a growing great bike boom – as opportunities are now starting to become more clear for the lifting of many restrictions and a gradual return back to normal and good news coming from the vaccination front, is this supposed next big bike boom here to stay?

One thing that will certainly work in favour is the time in which the lifting of lockdowns has been proposed – many aiming for late spring and early summer means that the good weather will be returning, and after a whole year being locked up there will be a huge desire to get back out into the world and cycling will be one of the activities at the top of the list for many – with a growing shift  towards more families taking part in family activities over this past year too and cycling is a great activity for that goal too.

This same period of time has also led to a huge uptick for indoor cyclists too as there has been a similar boom for turbo trainers and virtual cycling – changes in technology have enabled a virtual cycling space to grow as apps and the addition of gaming technologies have changed indoor cycling for many – things such as Zwift have been the most popular, but there are many others too. There has even been the development of an online scene to replace competitive racing with these sorts of progressions to as fans and participants have been able to bet through different operators found at throughout leading to a competitive racing scene to replace the one that had been temporarily put-on hold. It has allowed hobbyists to continue with their regular cycling schedule or even step up their game a little and has even given some the opportunity to ride alongside their heroes as famous names in cycling had also turned to virtual alternatives throughout the pandemic period. There are the purists that may turn their nose up at virtual alternatives, but that has been true across all sporting, but even then, some have made the change.

It will certainly be an important few month to determine if cycling can double down on the successes being seen or whether things will let up a bit, but given there had been growing interest even prior to the pandemic it does seem that cycling as a whole is on a good path, and could look to be on a much better path moving forward.


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