Gambling on Two Wheels: A Look at the Best Cycling-Related Games


Cycling enthusiasts have been hitting the road for years now, but that’s not the only way to enjoy the experience today. When it’s raining outside, you don’t have enough time, or you simply don’t feel like doing this the traditional way, you can do it virtually. Thanks to technological advancement, cycling enthusiasts can play all kinds of games with this theme.

For starters, they can find some cycling-themed games at casinos online. Today, you can spin the reels on a cycling game at a casino without even having to sign up. To test the games and the site, find no-account casinos at and jump into a truly immersive experience. This will allow you to play casino games without making a deposit before you are ready to make one.

Or, you can take this in a different direction and pedal through virtual landscapes. Gaming technology has led to the creation of various game genres that allow you to cycle on your device. Let’s explore this topic further.

Game Genres for Cycling Enthusiasts

There are different genres and types of games that have a cycling theme. The 4 most popular options are:

  • Simulation games
  • Racing games
  • Casino games
  • Adventure games

Each offers a unique experience. Simulation games make cycling almost real, allowing players to get control over a virtual bike with a great deal of precision. 

Racing games, on the other hand, offer rather intense competition against other players or artificial intelligence.

In addition to this, there are casino cycling-themed games. 

Finally, you can play adventure games that often combine cycling with quests, exploration, and engaging gameplay, which adds a creative element to the experience.

Why are Cycling-Related Games So Popular?

Cycling virtually is not the same as cycling in real life. Playing games with this theme is just a reminder of cycling and not the same thing. So, why are cycling-related games so popular?

It’s because of their quality. The best cycling games boast impressive graphics and are highly interactive. They capture the beauty of scenic routes that the cycler might not be able to visit in real life. They put virtual landscapes on the screen, and combine these with an amazing sound design, making everything authentic and immersive.

But, that’s just one reason.

In addition to this, cycling games are popular because they offer easy access and flexibility. You can’t always go out to cycle. You can’t visit amazing landscapes whenever you want. But, you can turn on a game to play and cycle virtually, and even use a connected bike in your home so you’ll get the physical exercise alongside the experience.

Top Picks for Cycling-Related Games

Here we present you with a curated selection of the top cycling games to play today.

1.    Adventure Game: Downhill Domination

Downhill Domination is a mountain biking game where players race down treacherous slopes. While you do this, you can perform stunts and must avoid obstacles. It is played in various virtual locations around the world, both in single-player and multiplayer modes. You can compete against your friends or against AI.

In the game, you can choose from a variety of bikes as well as characters to play with. You can use weapons and power-ups to gain an advantage over your opponents. In some ways, this is as much of a combat game as it is a cycling game.

2.    Simulation Game: Tour de France

This is one of the most popular cycling games, an official version of a renowned cycling event called Tour de France. It features realistic graphics, different gameplay modes, and very detailed race courses.

If you play this game, you can choose between different professional cycling teams and riders. You can participate in different stages from the actual race routes. In most cases, the game will combine flat stages, time trials, mountain climbs, and spring finishes.

When you race, you must manage your team’s resources (energy, stamina, etc.) The game incorporates all kinds of elements to offer a more realistic experience including peloton dynamics and different weather conditions.

One of the best things about playing Tour de France is that you can play it with other players in multiplayer mode.

3.    Gambling Game: Pedal Power

If you are looking to gamble and enjoy a cycling experience at the same time, Pedal Power is a great choice. This cycling-themed slot by Microgaming is found at most high-rated casinos. It has 15 paylines and many staking possibilities. It’s inexpensive to play and available in the demo version, too.

With the free spin feature and multipliers, you can win quite a lot playing this game. It’s fast-paced, exciting, yet simple to play. 

Wrapping Up

Virtual cycling games have revolutionized the way we experience pedaling through landscapes. With so many options at our fingertips, cycling enthusiasts can embark on amazing races and adventures, all from the comfort of their homes. So, pick your favorite game, gear up, and join the virtual cycling gamers in an adventure. 


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