Home News Driver rams cyclist, who turns out to be local police officer (video)

Driver rams cyclist, who turns out to be local police officer (video)

road rage

A heated argument in Tenerife between a cyclist and driver resulted in the motorist of a white van taking a run at the cyclist.

The driver attempts to drive into the cyclist, who according to the description then reveals himself to be a police officer by showing his badge. The ensueing debate on the social media site mainly in Spanish focuses on whether the cyclist should have been riding in a bike lane on the other side of the road.


Discusión entre un ciclista y el conductor de una furgoneta en la autovía de San Andrés, en el municipio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. La discusión se va acalorando hasta tal punto que el conductor intenta atropellar al ciclista. La sorpresa llega cuando el ciclista resultó ser policía y le sacó la placa.

Posted by Islas Canarias on 2 Februarie 2017


  1. What is really telling is the debate is about where the cyclist should have been, less about how the criminal behind the wheel threatened to inflict bodily harm on the cyclist. The latter was the real issue for the majority of people that didn’t get it (and probably drive cars).

  2. That driver, a police officer? He acted criminally by using his motor vehicle as a weapon against the cyclist. If the Government has neither Laws against such criminal act or no objective and JUST Judiciary, then cycling organizations should engage legal assistance to sue the police officer against such criminal act.