Composer makes great music using only his bike as an instrument

bicycle music instrument

Composer Johnnyrandom breaks new ground with musical compositions made exclusively from everyday objects.

His debut single, “Bespoken”, explores the full potential of sounds generated from bicycles and their components, transcending the role of traditional instrumentation as the accepted method for creating beautiful and thought-provoking music. The following video gives a glimpse into the creative process behind this unique composition.

Bespoken lasts only three and a half minutes, but took Baber over seven months to record and arrange. However, the idea of using unconventional instruments to make music has been an obsession of his since childhood.

The young artist was reclusive and barred from watching TV, so he got creative turning anything he could find into an instrument. Formal music studies followed at CalArts and the Berklee College of Music, and after graduating, Flip Baber created a studio his nom de tune, Johnnyrandom.

Here’s a sample of the finished track:


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