Brent Bookwalter ‘lucky to be alive’ after smashing into car at Tour of Britain (video)

Brent Bookwalter crash tour of britain

Brent Bookwalter has been taken to hospital after Tour of Britain cyclists crashed into a car parked around a corner.

With just under 46km remaining on stage 4, the peloton turned a sharp bend and around ten riders could not avoid the car left in a disabled bay and smashed into it.

One witness of the accident said: “About four or five of them came round the corner onto Grove Street and all piled into the back of a parked car outside Topkapi – one went through the back windscreen of the car. It was shocking to see – he’s lucky to be alive.”

Brent Bookwalter was forced out of the race. He appeared to have sustained the worst injuries in hitting the vehicle.


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