Best technology gadgets for all cycling enthusiasts

From getting your first bike when you were a child for Christmas or even investing into your first road bike and buying your first item of lycra, cycling has become a hobby for us all that we don’t just use to keep fit but have fallen in love with the sport. Due to the current climate that we live in, and technology seems to be taking over our everyday lives and automating everything that we are doing, and this can be translated into the cycling world also as there are gadgets and gizmos for us cycling enthusiasts as well, with some of the best on the market detailed below.

One of the best bits of tech for a cycling enthusiast is a GoPro which is something that is highly desirable to be able to record their trips and send and/or share with social media and friends & family. GoPro’s do come at an come at a hefty price, but this is justified as they have been the industry leader for filming sports action for over a decade now. The latest GoPro HERO10 Black is now shooting footage in 5.3K with double the frame rate of any other motion camera on the market and would certainly be the marquee camera for any cyclist.

Another gadget in which all cyclists should have in their arsenal is an onboard computer which will allow them to track distance, speed, calories burnt, time on current ride, incline levels and much more. These devices can come in a whole range of prices and qualities so there is certainly something on the market for all budgets. Most of these devices can be powered by charging them, with them having considerable battery life in which you would just need to charge before you know you are going for a ride. However, with the way that technology is currently evolving, there are now some onboard computers that can be charged through the kinetic energy of your cycling, or even solar powered. Other industries have also been able to benefit from the rate of which technology, specifically the gambling industry as they have seen a shift in demand from land-based casinos to online alternatives like the best betting sites for Canada.

And finally, another gadget in which seems to be taking the market by storm not just to the quality of the technology, but also the safety element is owning a helmet. There are now helmets on the market in which have automated inductive lighting, stereo speakers, hands free walkie talkie, phone calling abilities, SOS rescue buttons and additional Bluetooth handlebar controls which is incredible to think that all of this comes in a cycling helmet! Again, having a helmet like this is of course a luxury, but one that if you are a cycling enthusiast and want to take your stash to the next level, then investing in a smart cycling helmet might be something looking at.


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