Best Betting Sites for Cycling in Belgium

For many cyclists, biking invokes loads of happy memories from the past. Maybe you started cycling as a child. Your dad or mom probably taught you how to ride. Then it became a hobby for you and your friends.

As an adult, biking can be your primary hobby or something you do on the weekends to help with weight loss. You probably still love the sport. And maybe you watch competitive cycling too.

But did you know you can bet on cycling competitions? If you join one of the Belgian betting sites listed here, you could wager on all the major cycling competitions in the world:

#1: Betway

Betway has one of the most comprehensive betting libraries online. To put it simply, this company allows you to bet on any sport online. Now, it prioritizes major sports and leagues.

If you want to bet on cycling, Betway will usually show you the major European and North American competitions. However, you can also find betting markets for minor cycling events on the site.

In addition to its extensive library of cycling events, Betway also features a neat web design. This makes it easy to filter sports and games to wager on. It also helps you load web pages quickly even when using a smartphone.

In Belgium, Betway accepts deposits through credit/debit cards, digital wallets like EcoPayz and mobile payment apps. You can deposit from €10 to €10,000 using most payment options.

The best part: you can also earn a bonus as new customer. Usually, the company matches your first deposit 100% up to €100. But you could get a bigger reward if you’re a high roller.

#2: Unibet

Unibet is one of the oldest sportsbooks in the world. Although it originally targeted the UK and the EU region, Unibet now also works in North America and other parts of the world.

It’s a licensed and secure betting website. But that’s not the only reason you need to join this bookmaker. For starters, it supports cycling events through sponsorships and by offering quality odds.

What’s more, Unibet has a well-organized, fast and feature-rich betting platform. Additionally, it supports in-play betting. This means you don’t have to lock your Tour de France predictions before a race.

You can wait until 10 kilometers to the finishing line for you to lock your bet. The advantage here is that you can easily increase your chances of winning. On the downside, odds fluctuate quickly during live betting.

When it comes to bonuses, few bookmakers can match Unibet’s generosity. It has bonuses for new customers. Then it regularly gives out promotions to loyal customers.

Similar to Betway, Unibet is mobile supportive. As such, you can install its app to bet on cycling through your iPhone or android device. Alternatively, you can log into your account through a browser.

#3: 888 Sport

888 Sport needs no introduction. It has been around since 1997, making it one of the oldest betting sites in the world. Sure, a long history doesn’t automatically make a bookmaker reliable.

However, this company has proved to be reliable over the years. You see, 888 Sport loves change. It is constantly reinventing itself, whether it is by redesigning its website and apps or changing its payment methods.

Speaking of its website, 888 Sport has a lot going on. Being an EU-based company, football is its primary focus. As such, many are times you’ll find football betting markets on its homepage.

But if you check to the left section of its site, you’ll discover a long list of sports you can bet on. What’s more, the site shows you the major events to expect. For example, Tour de France will be the sportsbook’s primary focus in June and July.

Does 888 Sport offer bonuses? It wouldn’t be the huge publicly traded company it is without bonuses. That said, 888 Sport gives you bonuses depending on where you live and what you bet on.

In Belgium, 888 Sport offers a €30 free bet after you spend €10 on the site. This promotion changes and sometimes the app matches your deposit 100%. It also features additional bonuses targeting football, eSports and casino gamblers.

#4: Bwin

Bwin operates a lot like Betway. It is constantly expanding in regions where other bookmakers avoid. Secondly, it loves sponsoring sports. Presently, Bwin is the official sponsor of Portugal’s Primeira League.

When it comes to betting, Bwin features a site loaded with events. At the top section, you can view a list of major sports ranging from football and tennis to volleyball and horse racing.

You can also use a search feature to filter out specific sports and leagues. Then there’s a highlight section where Bwin shows you the hottest events to bet on at the moment.

If that’s not enough, the site dedicates the left section of its website to more sports like cycling, American football and Aussie Rules. In other words, you cannot run short of events to wager on at Bwin.

This might sound obvious to some, but it is worth noting that Bwin is mobile-friendly. What’s more, it has an app that often live streams major sporting competitions.

#5: Bet365

Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers in 2022 all-round. Let’s start with odds. If you check its odds and compare them to 3-5 other sportsbooks, chances are Bet365’s odds will be the best.

Wagering at a bookie with competitive odds maximizes your profits. On the other hand, you want a bookie with a well-organized interface. This makes it simple to place bets, look at bet types and compare odds.

In 2022, no one expects a top-tier sportsbook to lack mobile support. Luckily, Bet365 operates on both iOS and android platforms. If you want to wager on the Criterium Du Dauphine through your iPhone, you can do so conveniently.

To sum it up, Bet365 checks all the boxes of a reliable sportsbook. It doesn’t matter if you’re after bonuses, quick withdrawals or efficient customer service. You can count on this British bookmaker to provide reliable services.


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