Bernard Hinault: On the bike they are all asthmatic

Bernard Hinault Chris Froome

In an interview with Ouest France, five-times Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault has given his reaction to the Adverse Analytical Finding in a urine sample of Chris Froome during the recent Vuelta a España.

“One thing is certain, we must stop with Ventolin and all that stuff,” Hinault told Ouest France.

“As luck would have it, on the bike they are all asthmatic. I think that from the moment you need that (Ventolin) to ride, well you do not ride. He took more than the authorised dose, it’s pissed me off. And to find excuses after, it’s too late.”

Hinault was also asked as to whether he felt Froome should be allowed start the 2018 Tour de France.

“It’s not for me to judge,” he stated. “But anyway, after the Armstrong case, I thought everyone understood. He should have been careful, not doing anything, not taking a double dose. He had won four editions of the Tour de France and there was never anything abnormal. Now his career may be over.”


  1. Unfortunately, it might be true.
    We all know about overtraining syndrome, yet nobody assess the chronic overtraining syndrome.
    So, asthma may be a component of chronic overtraining syndrome.


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