Andreas Leknessund goes out for a ride at -24°C


He smiles happily, has ice on his eyebrows, training in extreme conditions, at minus 24 degrees doesn’t seem to bother Andreas Leknessund.

The Norwegian cyclist from Tromso is now at home, in Norway, and has started training again. If necessary, even at 24 degrees below zero, which in Tromso, situated on the northern coast of Norway, is not an uncommon temperature.

Leknessund showed his ride in a video shared on social media and the thermometer on his computer shows a staggering -24. The road is full of snow, everything is frozen, but he shows a thumbs up, smiles as if he isn’t frozen and he adds the following comment to the images: «Watopia? Never heard of it”, in reference to indoor training.

Leknessund will race with Uno-X Pro Cycling from next year, with whom he recently signed a new contract after leaving DSM.


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