10 tips for a cyclist to improve the sprint speed

In cycling, speed is almost everything. Here are the top ten tips for cyclists to improve their sprint speed.

1. Power starts

Speed is impossible without power. You have to build up strength to create more speed. Hence, power starts can come in handy. Set your bike on a big gear and power through it. Starting out on the most difficult gear will help you gain more strength in a short time. It builds resistance and endurance.

2. Practice on different grounds

Learning how to handle your bike and yourself on different surfaces can not just improve your speed but reduce your chances of accidents. So those cyclists who train only on tracks miss out on much of the natural environment challenges that can build their resistance and skills. Practicing only in the countryside can, on the contrary, distract you from focusing on your techniques more than on the road.

3. Speed intervals

So this is one of the most efficient and difficult exercises to try during your training. Speed intervals mean that you have to take about four to five sets of extreme speeding. Here’s how to approach it. For about 30 seconds, you should try going to the maximum of your abilities. Accelerate as much as you can and push through with it for the entire thirty seconds. Then rest for about five minutes and start all over again. Four to five sets per training should be more than enough as this exercise is highly exhausting.

4. Don’t neglect gym sessions

Cyclists have to cultivate all types of muscles to perform well during the races. Hence, you can’t just solely rely on your training session on the road or tracks. You need to exercise on a regular basis. Besides, the variety of different types of exercise will also help you achieve better results. Hence, you can spend two days per week lifting weight, and the other two – doing pilates or yoga. Find additional exercises that you enjoy and don’t neglect them even during training days.

5. Have breaks

Just as any other sport, you need to let your body rest and recover. So, even if you engage in heavy training sessions and getting ready for races, you have to have your rest. Without proper breaks in your training, you will do more damage to yourself than you can do good. Learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs without feeling guilty or in the wrong.

6. Go long

Your ability to go harder for longer periods is crucial for improving your speed. You have to practice and cultivate your endurance if you care about sprint speed improvement. Practicing for long intervals can be difficult, though rewarding in terms of speed improvement. The goal here is to go through the long periods without breaks by maintaining the same speed and pace.

7. Hill sprints

Practicing riding downhill can be another great speed exercise. Make sure you have a fast rolling start and bring it on from there. Start a sprint once you are almost at the bottom of the hill. Keep on with the sprint for about 30 seconds. Rest for five minutes and repeat.

8. Feel your bike

An experienced cyclist should be in tune with their bike. It’s crucial that you can feel your bike and sense what it can and can’t do for you in the given situations. It’s not just important for your speed and training records. It’s also crucial for your safety in the race. Remember that being the one with your bike also requires a calm and relaxed mind. So if you are concerned about finding free midterm papers or finishing your exams, you should take care of those things before you get on the move.

9. Competition

Sometimes all you need for good training is a body of yours who can beat you in your own game. Adding an element of competition will greatly improve your practice and add diversity to your regular routine. The influence of competition on your physical performance can be a solid subject for Superbgrade papers if you’d love to learn more. However, all you need to know is that such training can diversify and add fun elements to your regular practice, making it more enjoyable for you. So train as usual for the first half of your race season and spend the rest of it competing with your colleague. This tip is particularly useful when you are drained after endless training and need to cheer up a bit.

10. Find good motivation

Last but not least, make sure that you have good enough motivation to keep you going. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of good motivation when you have to endure such serious physical challenges. If you are wondering about the psychological aspect of training and motivation, you can click here to find out more. Setting your mind on success should be as important as preparing your body.


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