Top 5 Gift Ideas for Cyclists to Improve Riding

If someone you know or love is into cycling then picking a gift for them should not be too difficult. In other words, if the gift is cycling related you won’t have to second guess your decision. That being said, people who are into cycling and train regularly, tend to have everything they need, as far as equipment is concerned. So, if you truly want to get them something useful, maybe it’s better to ask what they were planning on replacing or updating. This might ruin the surprise but it’s the best way to get them the most useful present. Now if you truly wish to surprise them and get them something they don’t expect then stick around and go over some of the following ideas.

A Stay in Las Vegas Casino Hotel

If you are really close to the person you are trying to surprise then a trip to Las Vegas is going to be an amazing gift.  In order for them to give their best, they need to be well-rested and focused. So traveling would be a good way to achieve that effect. Alternatively, you can just book a hotel to a more accessible location, and just bring a tablet with casino games. You can get free spins bonuses from one of the online operators, and create a budget variant of the Vegas experience. After all, the main idea is to have a memorable and relaxing stay, and truth be told that’s possible even outside of Las Vegas.

However, if you do go for this option then that person will get an additional gift that they are not aware of. Las Vegas might be known as the city of sin, but it also has some of the best cycling paths and a growing community of cyclists. So, there will be a plethora of opportunities for bike rides, and plenty of sites to explore. That’s the element that makes this gift ideal, but it is admittedly pricey, so we will focus on more affordable suggestions from now on.

Compact Repair Kit

It’s almost certain that your friend already has a toolkit for his or her bike. After all, they need it in order to maintain their bike and make minor repairs. However, they can still find this gift useful as it can fit in their pocket and it can be used if they run into problems while on the road. The pro version of a toolkit has 17 tools that include mini screwdrivers and a hex key. Meaning the majority of issues that can arise on the road can be solved using this repair kit and a mini tire pump. Without it, they would probably need to carry a backpack when going on long trips, but this little item can easily fit into a wallet.

Bone-Conduction Headphones

If you are not a cyclist then you are not aware of just how difficult it is to enjoy your favorite music while you are on the road. Regular headphones don’t have adequate settings, as they are either too loud or not loud enough. If a cyclist wants to hear what’s going on around him the volume needs to be down, whereas if he or she wants to listen to the music all of the background noise will be tuned out. So, neither of these solutions is good, but with Bone-Conduction Headphones all of those troubles are about to go away. These headphones vibrate the sound using your bones and that makes all of the difference. So, they will surely love this gift.

Custom Polar Bottle

Polar bottles are quite common among cyclists as they are ideal for storing water. In other words, your friend probably has a polar bottle but you can get them a new and improved one. You can have a custom polar bottle and choose what’s displayed on the wrapping. This is a very useful and at the same time very thoughtful gift.

LED Bike Wheel Lights

A gift that combines safety, style, and flair. LED bike lights for wheels will make it easy for other drivers to spot your friend in the dark, and with the right colors, you can help them create an awesome-looking bicycle. It would be useful to know what their favorite color is before buying these or to know how their bike looks like.


Hopefully, you found these gift ideas or suggestions useful. The goal was to pick something that your friend or loved one doesn’t have already and that they will find useful at the same time. In the event they are missing some of the crucial equipment pieces then those should always take priority over these gift ideas. Moreover, if there is a famous competition taking place, then buying tickets to see that event would also be an amazing surprise.


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