Top 10 Cycling Games for PC


Do you have dreams of becoming the Tour De France champion someday? Well, you can start by playing top cycling games on your PC and become a champion in no time.

To unleash your competitive spirit, we have brought you the top 10 cycling games in this piece. From heart-pounding mountain biking escapades to mechanic-focused challenges, these games offer a diverse range of thrilling experiences!

1. Watch Your Ride —  Bicycle Game

Watch Your Ride — Bicycle Game is a cycling game developed by Tiny Magicians and is themed after a relaxing cycling experience. You can ride your bike through different environments like forests, mountains, and beaches. To win the game, you have to avoid some obstacles such as pedestrians, traffic, and animals.

It is a great choice for players that just want to relax and enjoy a simple yet interesting cycling experience. The key features are:

⦁ Variety of environments
⦁ Relaxing gameplay
⦁ Endless game mode
⦁ Customizable bicycle

2. Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory is a game developed and published by HakJak Productions. The game revolves around navigating dangerous obstacle courses and surviving various challenges while using different vehicles. There are many characters, including those in 4×4 wheels and sports cars to choose from in this game. But the father and son on a bike stand out as very interesting characters.

What’s more, the game allows for various customization. Here are the key features of the game:

⦁ Challenging environments
⦁ Intense gameplay
⦁ Level editor and community content
⦁ Comical tone

3. Descenders

Cycling-themed games have always been in the range of popular sports games. You’ll be surprised that there are some cycling-based games you can play in online casinos. They offer bonus features such as 25 free spins on registration no deposit promotions, and others to further enhance your gaming journey.

One of the best cycling games is Descenders from RageSquid. The game captures the essence of freestyle mountain biking, speed, skills and risk-taking to ensure that you never get bored while playing. Here are some key features of the game:

⦁ Freestyle biking and tricks
⦁ Risk vs reward gameplay mechanics
⦁ Leaderboards and replay
⦁ Multiplayer

4. Pro Cycling Manager 2022

This video game is the 20th instalment of the Pro Cycling Manager Series from the top game developer — Cyanide. It is themed after professional cycling. Players act as the team manager and are responsible for all aspects of the team. Including training and race strategy. It features 80+ teams and 2600+ riders as well as competitive real-world races like the Tour de France.

The key features of this game are:

⦁ Realistic cycling simulation
⦁ Deep team management
⦁ Roaster of real-world races
⦁ Multiplayer

5. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

This game is developed by a top developer — Megagon Industries. As a player, you can take on the role of a biker and embark on solitary journies through various mountainous environments. In the process, explore nature while tackling different challenges along the way.

Key features of Lonely Mountains: Downhill are:

⦁ Thrilling downhill biking
⦁ Stunning environments
⦁ Explorations and discoveries
⦁ Unlockable customization of equipment

6. Bikour!

Bikour! is a mechanics-based action game developed by Pixelsaurus Games. It features challenging gameplay where players have to control their bicycles and navigate some obstacles. These obstacles include ramps, jumps and other objects. There are various levels in the game, each bringing its own unique challenges.

You can customize your bicycle with different parts and accessories to give it a more personalised look. The key features of this game are:

⦁ Challenging gameplay
⦁ Online leaderboards
⦁ Variety of levels
⦁ Customizable bicycle

7. Riders Republic

When you’re feeling very energetic, you can’t go wrong with this game from Ubisoft Annecy. The game is themed around outdoor adventure and extreme sports. You can get your adrenaline pumping by customising your own character that will represent you in the game. Apart from biking, you can also engage in skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying, and more!

You can also race with friends, as there’s a multiplayer feature. Here are the key features of Riders Republic:

⦁ Massive open-world playground
⦁ Customization and multiplayer
⦁ Wide range of extreme sports
⦁ Dynamic day-night cycle

8. Bicycle Rider Simulator

Bicycle Rider Simulator is a simulation game developed by Diamos Dev and is available on PCs. The theme of the game is cycling through beautiful forest landscapes, rivers, and mountains. Players can enjoy the sounds of birdsong, explore dense forests, and make their own routes.

Also, players can accelerate, jump, explore, and try not to crash on their way. Key features of the game are:

⦁ Beautiful 3D graphics
⦁ Variety of environments to explore
⦁ Relaxing and atmospheric gameplay
⦁ Customizable bicycle

9. Tour De France 2022

This is another game from Cyanide and is the 22nd instalment of the Tour de France series. As the name goes, it is obviously themed after the most popular and prestigious cycling race in the world — The Tour de France.

You can take control of a professional cyclist or build your own character to compete against other professional racers. The key features of Tour de France 2022 are:

⦁ Deep career mode
⦁ Roaster of all real-world races
⦁ Online multiplayer
⦁ Realistic cycling simulation

10. Bicycle Challenge — Wastelands

This is an action video game developed by Hede. The game unveils a world where players must ride their bicycles through dangerous wastelands. Players must navigate through obstacles like cliffs and vehicles, to reach the finish line and win the game.

It gets interesting because you can customize your own bike and choose from different environments to ride in. Key features of Bicycle Challenge — Wastelands are:

⦁ Challenging gameplay
⦁ Leaderboard
⦁ Customizable bicycle
⦁ Variety of environments


We’ve just presented you with the top 10 cycling games for PC. Each of these games has its own unique features and gameplay. Their graphics, themes, and overall ratings are great. Whether you want relaxing games or more challenging games, you can find them on this list.


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