Stephen Williams conquers the Arctic


Israel-Premier Tech’s Stephen Williams won the 2023 Arctic Race of Norway by only one second over Astana Qazaqstan’s Christian Scaroni.

Arkea-Samsic’s Clement Champoussin was the fastest in the uphill sprint that settled the last day, defeating Odd Christian Eiking and Michele Gazzoli.

The Israel-Premier Tech team launched the sprint, yet Champoussin was quicker than the other contenders and managed to claim his first victory of the season. The Israeli team still had a reason to smile as their Stephen Williams kept the Midnight Sun jersey and was crowned as overall winner of the race.

“I’m really happy to be the winner of this race, the guys rode amazing all day, honestly. The way the guys held that break at two minutes and thirty seconds all day, with sixteen guys in front was incredible, and to finish it off today, and yesterday’s stage win, it couldn’t have gone better. It has been a great week for us!”, said Williams.


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