Remco Evenepoel out for the next few months after horrifying Il Lombardia incident


Cycling is a sport that we have all been following for many years now, but with the coronavirus halting all plans of sport in the early half of this year, many of us were wondering if it would be able to return. But with several restrictions slowly being lifted, we have seen a return to the sport in spectacular fashion. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into the most recent happenings of the Il Lombardia event in the last few months.

The Return To Racing In 2020

After the Coronavirus halted the world of sport, the return to sports such as cycling had been long anticipated. But with it looking likely that restrictions would be in place that could restrict the return to the sport, the return to cycling came in May. However, with several other cycling races set to happen in the coming months, there is set to be a huge amount of excitement for racing fans.

The Il Lombardia Tournament

The Il Lombardia Tournament is a world-famous cycling race in Italy that sees some of the worlds best go head to head to win the title. This race has taken place several times since the first race in 1905. This tournament has seen several winners such as Giovanni Gerbi and several others that have gone on to see a huge amount of success in their career. However, the 2020 tournament is one of the most highly anticipated yet. With a huge amount of anticipation surrounding the tournament, it was set to be a close race.

With the betting odds pointing to all the normal front runners in a number of betting sites as listed in, the tournament was shaping up to be one of the best. However, there was one racer that was appearing to be at the front of the pack from such as young age, one of which is was the 20-year-old talent of Remco Evenepoel was set to come out on top as a result.

The 20-Year Old Talent Remco Evenepoel

As the son of world-famous cyclist  Patrick Evenepoel it is no surprise to many that his son Remco Evenepoel is one of the most popular young talents coming up through the sports at this time. HE started with a career in football but soon turned his attention to cycling. Following his win in the junior championship, he soon went professional with Deceuninck–Quick-Step and has seen a huge amount of promise at this time. Several other stars have also seen this potential in the under 23 stage, he is set to be one of the biggest up and coming cyclist in the year of 2020 with a huge career right in front of him, there is plenty to look forward too. With a number of wins already under his belt at the age of 20, several amazing cyclists have acknowledged that he is set to be one of the best up and comers at this time. This has been backed up with a win at La Velta he was on track to have an outstanding 2020 season. Many have attributed his wins thus far to how lightweight the rider is. With a weight of an estimate 60 kilograms, he is the perfect combination of talent and nimbleness to make his way through the pack and come out on top.

The Accident That Halted His 2020

Despite his 2020 season looking promising, the Il Lombardia tournament was the end of the 2020 season for Remco Evenepoel who saw one of the worst accidents in history. This past weekend Remco Evenepoel saw himself at fourth in the leading pack of the Il Lombardia race. However, what happened next is one that has potentially halted the remainder of his season. This incident occurred in the final 50km of the race when Remco Evenepoel lost control on the descent of Muro di Sormano hitting a wall on the bridge, and falling into the ravine that was directly below.

With many wondering whether the injuries sustained from the accident could be career-ending, the relief came when it was announced the up and coming cyclist had only sustained a fractured pelvis and a bruised lung as a result of the crash. However, with this came the realisation that Evenepoel will likely not be racing for the remainder of the season to heal.

With many fans reaching out wishing him a speedy recovery, we are sure that the 20-year-old will return with a band better than ever in the 2021 season with another set of victories for the taking.


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