Peter Sagan kicked out of Tour de France

Cavendish Sagan crash tour de france 2017

World champion Peter Sagan has been kicked out of the Tour de France after sending Mark Cavendish crashing in the finale of Tuesday’s fourth stage, the race jury president said.

Sagan appeared to realize that he had made a mistake as he immediately went to the bus of Cavendish’ team, Dimension Data, to apologize for the incident.


“Peter Sagan is disqualified from the 2017 Tour de France after today’s tumultuous sprint in Vittel,” Philippe Marien told reporters.

“I get on with Peter,” Cavendish said. “If he came across, that’s one thing, but the elbow. I’m not a fan of him putting his elbow into me like that. Like I said, I get on with Peter. A crash is a crash. I’d just like to know about the elbow.”

Cavendish crashed hard on his shoulder, and his finger was bleeding after the finish line.

“Injury-wise, I’m going to go and get it checked out,” he said. “I will definitely need stitches in this finger, it’s bleeding a lot.

“With the shoulder, it might be something to do with a previous injury, it’s sat backwards so I’m not sure if I’ve done something to the ligament. I’m not a doctor, but from the feelings I’m not optimistic.”


  1. Love the race, but I am not watching any longer. I saw when it happened and I expected a time penalty, but not kicked out! I am sure Cav has had a s few of these in the past (Without me looking back at all the footage). It was wrong, agreed, but out for the rest of the race. ??? If I was World Champion and they did this to me, I would never race it again. Ride the Giro and Vuelta – much better combination and maybe he can win both.


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