Motivational: Keagan Girdlestone tries to climb a hill after being told he’ll never walk again

Keagan Girdlestone

Keagan Girdlestone collided into his team car during the Coppa della Pace last June, hitting the rear window while chasing back on a descent. Very close to death and written off more than once by doctors, Keagan Girdlestone’s recovery from the brutal crash has been nothing short of astounding. 

“As most know, I was told I’d never walk again. Then when I did, they didn’t think I’d ride a bike again. I did that too. Today I conquered a mountain (well a hill but it’s kind of a big deal so I’m calling it a mountain) but the true mountain was the rehab and self belief I needed to get back on the bike and keep moving forward. So I’d like everyone to know they should never give up on their dreams, no matter how big the mountain or how scared you are to start the climb! Once you’re at the top.. .The view is amazing!”, says Girdlestone.


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