Mikel Landa: I will continue in this way, no doubt about it


Long range attacks and aggressive racing have given the Giro d’Italia a serious shake-up in the first mountain stage as Mikel Landa was among the protagonists.

The most thrilling attack of stage 13 came from Landa, who showed strong legs and even bigger courage, placing third on the summit finish at Ceresole Reale.

“From the car, they told me that the gap was around a minute and a half,” Landa said.

“Together with the half minute gained at Pinerolo, I have to be happy, especially because I saw my rivals a little weaker and more accessible, which gives morale going forward.”

“Although from the beginning it was complicated by the time I lost in the time trials and the enormous strength of my opponents. A lot of us want to win, and only one can be crowned as the winner of the Giro on the last day.”

“I’ll continue to attack for as long my legs hold,” Landa said. “I hope my energy holds until Verona, but it’s too soon to speak. The Giro can change easily from one stage to another, and I must go from day to day. But I’m drawing confidence from good performances, and I will continue in this way, no doubt about it.”


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