Mathieu van der Poel’s visit to Scottish couple’s toilet goes viral


Newly-crowned Dutch world road champion Mathieu Van der Poel said he used a nearly hour-long stoppage to Sunday’s showpiece race to answer the call of nature in comfort.

The elite men’s race was brought to a standstill after 80km when some protesters blocked the road.

While some riders took on food and drink or had a massage in a team car, Van der Poel’s needs were rather more urgent and he managed to find a house for a comfort break rather than having to skip behind the nearest hedge.

“I went into a house,” the 28-year-old said at his press conference in Glasgow where he became the first Dutchman for 38 years to win the world road race title despite suffering a crash with 15km to go.

“The interruption lasted quite a long time and I had to go to the toilet. I don’t think I was the only one. So thanks to the people who welcomed us.”

Owain Doull, who was part of a nine-rider breakaway that first encountered the blockage, said he had passed the time sitting in the race director’s car eating Bakewell tarts.

“It was a bizarre day in that sense. The protest was going on ahead, they said it was going to take probably half an hour so we bundled into whatever car was nearest and bunkered down until we could get going again.”


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