Gaviria and Richeze positive for coronavirus


UAE Team Emirates’ riders Fernando Gaviria and Max Richeze have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and will remain in quarantine for now.

“Hello everyone, there are many rumors circulating in regard to my state of health, but I’m fine,” Gaviria said. “I’ve been here, undergoing regular tests, which have returned positive for the coronavirus, but I’m feeling fine.”

Gaviria added, “Thank you to my team and to everyone at the hospital who looked after me to perfection. I’m here to avoid infecting other people, and to avoid this continuing to spread in the way it currently is.”

“This is to assure everyone that everything is going well, and let’s hope it’s all resolved soon.”

One day after Gaviria announced that he has been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus, his Argentinian teammate also mentioned through social media that he is suffering from the illness. He has been in quarantine since the UAE Tour was cancelled and after the diagnosis was made he will have to remain in Abu Dhabi.

“The time has come for my team to return home, but unfortunately for me, my trip had to be postponed,” Richeze said in an Instagram post. “I’ve had a positive result for coronavirus and my quarantine period will have to be extended. Thank god I didn’t have any strong symptoms, the infection didn’t manifest in an aggressive way and that makes me optimistic.

“A very professional medical team is in charge of me and I’m very thankful for everything they have done. I hope the time also comes soon for me to hug my family. Like I always say, these are the new challenges that life sets for me and I will be stronger in the end!”


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