Fleur Moors Triumphs Over Ruptured Kidney, Makes a Comeback at Dublin World Cup


Fleur Moors, the 18-year-old cyclist representing Baloise Trek Lions, has successfully recovered from a ruptured kidney sustained during a training accident before the C2 race in Beringen, Belgium. She is now prepared to make her comeback at the Cyclocross World Cup in Dublin on Sunday. In an interview with Sporza, Moors expressed her optimism and determination, stating that she feels exceptionally well and is eager to continue improving.

Having signed a two-year contract with Lidl-Trek, Moors is poised to make her first appearance with the Women’s World Tour team in 2024. She is part of a group of four junior riders who will be making the transition to the American team for the upcoming season.

This year witnessed an outstanding performance by the Moors, as they clinched the prestigious European road race title for juniors, secured a commendable third position in the World Championships held in Glasgow, and triumphed in a stage of the Watersley Challenge Juniors.

In addition to Lucinda Brand, Shirin van Anrooij, and Thibau Nys, Moors is also a formidable contender in the cyclocross discipline, representing the Baloise Trek Lions team. In the previous year, Moors showcased her exceptional skills by finishing among the top 10 competitors in the esteemed women’s World Cup held in Dublin. With eager anticipation, she is preparing to make a powerful comeback during the upcoming weekend.

Her sentiments were positive as she shared her satisfaction, expressing happiness for the chance to start afresh. Acknowledging that there is still some work to be done, particularly in terms of explosiveness, she reassured that everything is in order. She and avid sports betting fans, who frequently engage with online sportsbooks, eagerly await the outcome of the first cyclocross race, which will shape the future course of action. These remarks were made upon her return to Dublin on Sunday.

Ordinarily, I am mentally affected by unfortunate events, but presently, I am determined to make an exceptional comeback. I have an inherent dislike for stagnation and a strong desire for personal growth. Moors mentioned her satisfaction in merging road and cyclocross racing, highlighting her aim to compete in the Belgian Championships scheduled for January.

Cyclocross has captured my excitement at present. Fleur went off to say. As a newcomer, my objective for this season is to target the championships. Riding alongside the professionals is a delight, and my performance holds little significance. Given that I cannot compete for a podium spot, I am content with the way things are. Fleur finished up.


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