10 Essentials Every Road Cyclist Needs


Obviously, a cyclist needs a bike. However, it’s not enough to purchase a bike only to go on a trip. As a road cyclist, you will need to bring some gear that will protect you and help make long distances on your bike. If you’re a novice, scroll down below and find ten essentials that every road cyclist needs.


It is the #1 purchase for every cyclist. Moreover, you should purchase a helmet before getting a bike. It will protect your head from injury and save you from fines since it’s illegal to drive a bike on the road without a helmet.

Choosing a helmet, pick a one that best fits you, and has an aerodynamic form to drive faster. Also, don’t forget to buy a balaclava that will protect your ears and won’t let ventilation openings mess your haircut.

Water Bottle

If you decide to become a road cyclist, you need to buy a water bottle with a bike attachment. Since cycling is an intense sport, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Mounted on a bike with a convenient cap, it allows you to drink water while driving even at high speed.

It’s also allowed to pour sports drinks like isotonic into a water bottle to improve your efficiency. If you’re a student who wants to become a professional road cyclist but doesn’t have enough time to drive, reach college paper writers to get your homework done.

Repair Tools

Unfortunately, even the most expensive bike can break on a road. You’re lucky if it’s happening right near a bike repair shop. However, if your bike stops working accidentally on the road, far from any city, the only way to continue your journey is to fix it yourself.

A seat bag on your bike should imply a durable multitool, extra spare tube, chain lube, and glue. Flat tires are the most common problem among cyclists. Also, don’t forget about tire levers and pump to fix your bike and continue a ride.

First Aid Kit

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid traumas riding a bike. Therefore, you always need to bring the first aid kit with you. It should imply a sanitizer, an ointment for wounds, blood stopping powder, bandage, and patches.

Padded Shorts and Cycling Jersey

Have you ever seen professional road cyclists in a common sports outfit? I suppose, no. Due to this, you need to get a pair of padded shorts and a cycling jersey before going on a trip. A layer of foam rubber into padded shorts will make your rides more convenient and keep you dry. Remember, you shouldn’t use underwear with padded shorts.

Cycling jerseys are made of a special fabric that will keep your heat. However, if it’s warm outside, they are equipped with long zips for ventilation. Moreover, jerseys have rear pockets for carrying food, phone, or any other equipment.

Protection Gloves and Glasses

Riding a bike, get gloves that will protect your hands from calluses and cold. Also, they ensure a good grip with handlebars, despite the sweat. Special glasses will protect your eyes from the bright sun and small rocks that fly out from the ahead car’s tires.


If you ride after sundown, lights are the primary requirement. You need to mount a bright white light in front of your bike to see the way. On your bike’s back, you have to mount a bright red light that will help other drivers on the road to see you. Do not hesitate to equip your bike with extra light bulbs and reflective lenses to ensure your safety at night.


Every cyclist wants to know his maximum speed. A bike computer will help you track performance and keep yourself updated about new achievements. Also, modern bike computers can show burned calories, digital maps, and navigate you.

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If you aren’t a professional cyclist with a support team, you will need to make stops. The best way to protect your bicycle from being stolen is a lock. Attach it to the bike’s frame, because it’s quite easy to take off wheels on some bikes.


Your body will need a source of energy in the form of calories to drive fast and make long distances. Consider getting high-carbohydrate food that will provide a lot of calories. Energy bars will be the best choice to take a byte and charge yourself with a required amount of calories.

Recommendations for Road Cyclists

Being a student, pass all your assignments before going on a trip, so any thoughts won’t distract you from driving a bike. If you experience any problems, reach a science homework helper and get your assignment done with no hassle.

Always check your bike thoroughly before going somewhere. Even a small defect can bring a lot of problems on the road or even cause a lethal accident at high speed. Also, never try to lighten your bike by removing any of the mentioned essentials. Each of them can save you life and avoid the most common problems.


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