The Most Bet-Worthy Cycling Races in the World

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A sport that challenges every athlete’s skill and stamina to the max, cycling is also about teamwork and planning. During the last ten odd years, there has been a noticeable rise in the popularity of the sport, primarily since more and more sports channels are now covering the essential cycling events that take place annually.

However, cycling as a sport hasn’t always had a quiet time, with many controversies damaging its reputation. Among the most known is the case of Lance Armstrong, who at one time was the poster boy of cycling, until that is, the news of him using drugs spoilt his career. Nevertheless, cycling has always had a niche fan following and with more competitions gaining the spotlight, along with some profitable money-making opportunities, the future of the sport is quite favourable.

Tour de France

Whether you are a cycling fan or not, everything about the sport starts and ends at the greatest cycling race ever known, the Tour de France. Now, before you head on out to bet on this mega event, it is always a good idea to first check on all the cycling odds that the leading bookmakers release well in advance of the race. It also helps to read about the contestants and some of the basics of the sport, like the fact that it takes place over 21 days and covers a distance of 2000 miles. Even though the competition isn’t till June of 2020, its popularity is so much that you can already bet on Egan Bernal or Chris Froome to win it. Also, picking up wagers early on can prove to a lot more beneficial as the odds are always in favour of the punter this early.

Milan-San Remo

Compared to the other cycling courses, the Milan-San Remo route might seem a tad easy but is, in reality, a lot more interesting. The terrain is primarily flat, but it is also the longest one-day race a professional cyclist can take part in. What’s even more thought-provoking is that the competition is not about speed and finishing first. Instead, it’s about cycling without making any mistakes during its 185 miles length. In addition to strict marking, the weather isn’t always the most sympathetic in March, when the race takes place, making it all the more exciting for punters to pick the final winner.

Vuelta a Espana

Similar to the Tour de France in many ways, but still unknown to those outside the cycling circuit, this Spanish race takes place in August and September over 21 days. Many of the top world cyclists often skip the competition, as a result of which it is primarily contested by Spanish athletes, who are always the top contenders. Because the route of the race is quite tricky, involving mountainous, steep inclines, quite a few athletes participate in the sport as a training exercise, to work on their stamina and strength.

Amgen Tour California

This American race started in 2006 and is an 8-day event covering around 700 miles. The race takes place in May, around the same time as Giro d’Italia. Thus, most cyclists have to decide every year, which of the two terrains they are going to attempt. The Californian race, in comparison, is a little less brutal and is thus becoming more popular slowly with athletes, fans, and punters alike.


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