Home News Team Sky gets pulled over by police in Adelaide (video)

Team Sky gets pulled over by police in Adelaide (video)

Team Sky

Team Sky’s Tour Down Under squad have been ‘verbally educated’ by police after being seen to commit ‘a number of traffic offences’ in the Adelaide.

A photo posted on social media showed Team Sky riders standing by the roadside as officers from SA Police gave them a warning over their behaviour.

A spokesman for the force said the riders “allegedly failed to give way at a pedestrian crossing and went through a red light … that sort of thing.”

“As part of Operation Safe Cycling 2018 police officers spoke to a number of cyclists on Pulteney Street in the Adelaide CBD this morning after identifying a number of traffic offences committed by the group,” the spokesman said.

A media release before either of the two incidents outlined that police in Adelaide would run Operation Safe Cycling during the Tour Down Under.