Simon Yates: Last time I checked we did road cycling


Before the 9th stage of the Tour, Simon Yates had expressed his concern and dissatisfaction with the idea of riding on gravel roads in a grand tour. And the concerns become reality for the British rider as he lost another 10 minutes and his GC ambition is over.

“Last time I checked we did road cycling. You could argue that gravel is also a road, but it’s not something that I really enjoy,” said Simon Yates.

“I think there’s a place for it in the sport, you have that sort of things… you have Paris-Roubaix stages, you have cyclocross… but I think we should stick to road racing.”

“They’ll say: ‘Yeah back in the day… all the roads were cobbles…’ and all this stuff, but we’re in 2024 now. I’m not too sure, I think it creates a risk of punctures and crashes for not real reason but we got to deal with it.”


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