Shimano launches S-Phyre sunglasses

Shimano S-Phyre sunglasses

The Shimano premium S-Phyre range keeps expanding, as they now add sunglasses to the shoe & clothing mix.

Shimano’s eyewear will be available in two models: the S-Phyre R and S-Phyre X, weighing in at a feather-light 25.6g and 28.6g respectively.

Both S-Phyre R and X sunglasses will be available with Photochromic or Polarized lenses, and both options have an extra Cloud Mirror lens.

Shimano S-Phyre sunglasses

The Japanese company claims that it takes eight seconds for the photochromic lens to move from its lightest (62 percent light transmission) to darkest (13 percent light transmission) point when exposed to sunlight.

Shimano S-Phyre sunglasses

The new S-Phyre glasses have been trialled by LottoNL-Jumbo riders, and will be available to consumers in April.

“The S-Phyre concept is based around maximising power transmission through the combination of fit, weight and aerodynamics,” says Shimano. “The S-Phyre R and S-Phyre X glasses embrace this concept with a form-fitting design to reduce airflow turbulence and fit snugly around the temples. And whilst eyewear weight is often negligible, these new models still barely trouble the scales at 25.6g and 28.6g respectively.”


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