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Peter Sagan: Pope Francis asked me to pray for him

Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan presented Pope Francis with a bicycle in the yellow and white papal colors during a visit to the Vatican on Wednesday.

“A chance to meet the Pope happens once in your life, if ever. I’m religious and my family is religious, so I was really happy to take my parents Helena and Lubomir with me,” Sagan told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I like Pope Francis, he’s cool. He’s able to explain difficult concepts with just a few words. He’s an example for us all and plays an important role in the world. Even people who aren’t religious can find God, if they want, thanks to him.”

“Pope Francis asked me to pray for him. I said I definitely would do. The Pope prays for all of us and so needs a lot of energy. That energy comes from us praying for him,” Sagan said.

“Believing in God can give you direction in life. It can help you see the good things in life even in a difficult moment, it reminds you not to judge other people before having judged yourself. Only God can really judge us.”

“This was Marlon’s [Sagan’s son] first trip and so we were curious to see how he behaved. He slept during the flight and when we visited Rome,” Sagan added.

“When it’s time for us to sleep, he sleeps too. Everything is great so far…. I can’t understand what I’ve done to deserve a baby son like that.”