Nizzolo beats De Lie to win Tro-Bro Leon

Giacomo Nizzolo was the fastest of a leading group of seven who had attacked in the final phase after a tough race on the Breton dirt roads to win Tro-Bro Leon.

It was a day of attrition, with the classic farm lanes of Brittany throwing in some chaos, but despite suffering a mechanical with eight sectors to go, Giacomo Nizoolo was well positioned for the finale and outsprinted Arnaud de Lie and Nils Eekhoff to take the win.

“Today was a very, very special race”, said Nizzolo. “I had to ride all day on the front, but the team worked to keep me in a good position until the race exploded with around seventy kilometers to go, and then there were only thirty of us”.

“I was unlucky to get a puncture with thirty kilometers to go, so I had to make a big effort to get back, and then I was dropped in a decisive sector, but managed to come back again. I really had to suffer today to get the victory, but I’m super happy because when it comes after such an effort it feels even better”.


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