New Zealand Minister rides bike to the hospital to give birth

New Zealand’s Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter, has revealed she rode her bike to Auckland City Hospital to give birth because there “wasn’t enough room in the car”.

The 38-year-old Green Party MP cycled to hospital on her electric bike to give birth to her first child. She said in an Instagram post she was going for an induction, adding that cycling to hospital put her in “the best possible mood”. She stated that it was “mostly downhill to the hospital”.

“This is it, wish us luck! (My partner and I cycled because there wasn’t enough room in the car for the support crew … but it also put me in the best possible mood!)”.

Her post was met with a slew of positive comments, labelling her as a “legend” and a “wonderful role model”.

Her feat was picked up by several international media outlets over the weekend including the BBC and The Guardian.

The MP often uses social media to promote cycling. When announcing her pregnancy earlier this year she wrote: “We’re going to have to get an additional seat for the bikes — in the first week of August we’re expecting our first child.”


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