Lotto Soudal riders voluntarily take lower salaries amid coronavirus pandemic

Lotto Soudal’s riders have agreed to waive part of their salaries in solidarity with staff and sponsors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Postponement of races also affects the majority of support staff,” explained the team through a statement. “Mechanics, soigneurs, physiotherapists and bus drivers are forced to step back and become temporarily unemployed. For the moment, the employees will fall back on the system of temporary unemployment due to force majeure. Self-employed personnel, whose contract is temporarily suspended, will be able to benefit from bridging finance support measures.

“All these measures by the Belgian government make it possible for companies to reduce their personnel costs even without having to fire people. In less than a month, more than 1 million people have ended up in temporary unemployment in Belgium.”

And the riders are also doing their part to try to help Lotto Soudal in these difficult moments. “The 27 riders of the Lotto Soudal team, meanwhile, continue to train to be competition ready as soon as races are organized again,” the statement continued.

“In solidarity with staff and sponsors, the riders, just like the entire management team and all administrative staff, have voluntarily decided to waive part of their wages, until the team races again. This decision was taken without discussion and with unanimity. It was clear to everyone that particular circumstances require particular team actions.”


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