Italian city Bari to pay people to cycle to work

bike commuting

The city hall of Bari will pay 25 euros per month for those who change from car to bike and will also be providing funds to help people buy new or refurbished bikes.

“If you pedal, you will earn not only health!”, said the mayor of Bari Antonio DeCaro to the citizens, signing the resolution adopted by the city council.

Bari is the first Italian city where the experiment on transplanting citizens from cars to bicycles. It will last four months and for its implementation 545 thousand euros have been allocated to the budget of the municipality of Bari.

The goal is not only to reduce the load on the roads, but first of all to take care of the environment. As a result of the experiment, it is planned to double the number of cyclists.

It is planned to pay for each kilometer, made on a bicycle, but not more than 25 euros per month. Especially prized road from home to work and back. The authorities will pay a ride to work on a bicycle at 20 euro cents per kilometer. And 4 eurocents per kilometer other urban routes are estimated.

In addition, in order to stimulate transplantation on bicycles, the authorities are ready to support financially those who do not yet have their own bicycle, but have a desire to transfer to them. A discount of 150 euros will give those who want to buy a factory bike, a discount of 250 euros is available for the purchase of electric and 100 euros for the purchase of a used bicycle.


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