How to Prepare for a Cycling Race and Actually Make Great Time

Peter Sagan

If you’re a pro biker and you’ve been racing previously, you know how challenging it may be to compete against highly-trained bikers. You need to put in a lot of effort, time, and resources to be competitive and actually win races.

Beginners and first-time racers may think they are ready, but when the real deal happens, they realize how different it is to beat your own time and compete against others. There are so many tips and tricks a biker needs to know before hitting the race tracks.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the world of the sport of cycling and try to explain what is mandatory for getting great results on your first attempt. If you follow the points below, you might also hope for a win. Keep reading and see how to train and prepare for a long, tough biking race.

1. Train at high grounds

Although training is training, it’s best if you train at high altitudes. Why? Because the fresh air of the mountains and forests is much better for your lungs, heart, and cardiovascular system. The cardio exercise done in the mountains is much better than anything else.

If you don’t have suitable roads where you can cycle in peace, you can get a mountain bike and do it on country roads. If you’re a racer, you should avoid actual mountain biking and off-road biking because this can cause minor injuries that will prevent top results. However, riding on country roads with off-road bikes and breathing the fresh mountain air is excellent exercise.

2. Ride at least 50% more than what the race length is

To finish the race in a great time, you must be physically ready for way more than the length of the race. When you start training, it’s normal to aim for the length and time that will be enough to win the race, but it’s entirely different training for the race and actually racing.

The best thing to do is to set a different length that you’ll aim to tackle. Suppose the race is 20 miles, and the odds of winning are doing it an hour and 17 minutes. Set your training for 30 miles, and be sure you can get the first 20 miles in an hour and 17 minutes. However, don’t stop after this time, but continue for your mark of 30 miles.

3. Do specific training based on the type of the race

Different cycling race tracks require adequate training. If the track goes through mountains, you don’t need to train sprints and ride as fast as possible. Instead, you need to find suitable terrain and ensure you can climb those mountains.

For example, Tour De France is one of the toughest courses in the world. It is known as the World Championship for biking, and the reason for this is that bikers need to be all-round. They must be prepared for fast races and also for climbing mountains.

You can’t expect to be such a versatile cycler if you’re a beginner. Instead, focus a few months on the race’s requirements. If it’s a mountain race, train climbing the hills, and if it is going through the fields, train fast cycling and beat records.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle and practice a healthy diet

Your lifestyle determines if you’ll be ready for the challenge or not. Cycling races are so exhausting that only the toughest athletes can be competitive. Anyone can cycle 20 miles, but not everyone can do it in time enough to win the race.

Aside from the physical and practical training, you must live a healthy life. You must drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol, and eat healthily. Forget a diet full of fats and carbs. These ingredients prevent your internal organs from working properly and affect your cardiovascular system.

5. Pick the right bike for you

You can’t win a car race driving an old car. It’s the same with cycling. You can’t win a cycling race riding an old city bike. You need the right gear and a proper bicycle capable of withstanding the pressure.

Simultaneously, you must find the one that will be perfect for you. You must feel comfortable riding it, and you must feel it like it’s part of your body. Your bike is just like the shirt or the shoes you’re wearing. If you’re not feeling comfortable with them, you must change them.


Winning a race when the competition is fearless is more challenging than you might think. You may be as prepared as possible, but you never know how much the other competitors are. You need to give your everything if you want to win, and that everything starts with the first training day. Dream big, train hard, and you’ll achieve your goals.


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