Fran Miholjevic shines in stage 3 of Giro di Sicilia to claim first pro win

The 19-year old Fran Miholjevic took a breakthrough stage win after dropping his breakaway companions at the end of the third stage of Giro di Sicilia.

You can rewatch STAGE 3 HERE

Miholjevic attacked the breakaway group with 12 kilometers to go and went solo into the wind to take his first pro career victory.

The peloton behind stretched out in the wind and repeated hills, however there was no concerted chase to bring the youngster back, and he got to the finish in Piazza Armerina in first place.

The young Croatian has jumped onto the overall lead of the race with this breakaway, as the Italian national team didn’t seem concerned in preventing him from doing so.

“I gave it my all. It’s a sign that all the hard work I did has paid off. It’s life changing, but I still can’t believe it,” said Miholjevic.

“I still don’t believe what happened. I started with the intention of going on the run especially to show the sponsors live on TV but step by step we saw that the group was unable to recover. I started to believe it when I got to 50 meters and it was beautiful. I will try to keep the jersey but it will be very difficult, in the meantime I have won this extraordinary victory.”


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