Fabio Aru’s controversial champion’s jersey to be changed

UAE Team Emirates

Fabio Aru moved from Astana to UAE Team Emirates this season but his new national champion’s jersey got tremendous heat from the fans.

The first images of Fabio Aru in his new UAE Team Emirates kit showed a jersey with a small Italian tricolore on the front rather than a design with green, white and red stripes covering the full jersey.

The design was faced with criticism online straight away, with many calling for a change of design to showcase Aru’s national champion status more clearly.

The team has now announced that Aru’s jersey was only a provisional design. It seems that the new jersey will have a bigger Italian flag, all around the abdomen, like that of Vincenzo Nibali in 2015.

“It’s only a provisional version. The tifosi can calm down, the colours of the Italian flag will be clear,” Aru told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “The ‘true’ jersey will be presented further ahead, at an official event. It’s elegant and beautiful, I guarantee you that.”


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