Canadian cyclist draws giant fat bike in the snow

fat bike winnipeg snow

Tom Kolesnik, a fat bike enthusiast from Winnipeg, Canada, has taken his love for the bicycles with oversized tires to a whole new level.

To celebrate his love for them he used the Red River as his canvas to create a giant piece of snow art. While being a worthy piece of art for appreciation it also serves a practical purpose allowing residents to cross the river.

“Every year I make a crossing on the Red River behind my house on Kingston Crescent,” Kolesnik said.

“Rather than people cross the Elm Park Bridge, I build this crossing. This year, it’s in the shape of a fat bike laying on its side, as if it’s riding down the river. It’s a fun thing that I kind of got carried away with. It’s huge.”

“I put ice screws in and used my old ice-climbing rope to measure out the sizes I wanted,” he said.

“Then I made the circles accurately and did the same thing to link the frame points, and made sure the lines were fairly straight. Once I had the shape, I did a bit of shoveling to confirm I was happy with it.”

To help with the finishing touches, Kolesnik launched a Christmas present.

“For Christmas, my wife got me a DJI Mavic Pro drone. I used it to get a bird’s-eye view,” he said. “I made a few corrections and then broke out the snowblower and snowblowed the whole thing out. It took me about three and a half days — it was a lot of work.”


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