Bernal undergoes successful surgeries but remains in intensive care


Ineos Grenadiers said Egan Bernal’s injuries are extensive.

“Egan suffered a fractured vertebrae, a fractured right femur, a fractured right patella (kneecap), chest trauma, a punctured lung and several broken ribs,” an Ineos team statement said.

“Doctors were able to medically pin his right leg and stabilise the vertebrae fracture in two sperate surgeries last night,”

The surgery was performed “keeping the neurological integrity intact and preserving the functionality of the involved segments,” according to the clinic.

Bernal’s condition will be monitored “over the next 72 hours” in the clinic’s intensive care unit.

The Colombian suffered “chest trauma” and fractures of his kneecap and thighbone in Monday’s accident close to his home town, around 30 kilometres outside of Bogota.

“We are starting the process of rehabilitation immediately to achieve the best possible results with our patient,” said the clinic.

Transport police said Bernal ran into the back of a bus as it pulled up at a stop, suffering “multiple lacerations.”

Pictures shared on social media showed the reigning Giro d’Italia champion lying on the ground surrounded by teammates. The back of a bus with a huge dent in it is visible in the picture.

Scheduled to race July’s Tour de France as Ineos leader, the collision could derail Bernal’s entire 2022 campaign. He was due to begin his season on February 10 at the Tour de La Provence.

The Tour de France begins in Copenhagen on July 1 and will finish with the traditional dash along the Champs-Elysees in Paris on July 24.


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