Tips to score big with your online cycling bets

Surprisingly, even though cycling is somewhat of a niche sport, it’s popularity amongst the betting circuit is quite high. With competitions taking place throughout the year, punters and fans have quite a few possibilities to earn a profit while enjoying their favourite sport.

However, like any other sport, it is essential to keep a few points in mind before placing a bet. It doesn’t matter if you plan to set a wager on the 2020 Tour De France, the equally grilling Giro d’Italia or Vuelta a Espana, these simple and useful tips can help increase your earnings, while you go about immersing in the thrills of the sport.

Pick the Right Bookie

Selecting the right bookmaker for yourself is winning half the battle when it comes to scoring big at sports betting. It is thus essential that you go with a website that is authorised and offers you the most in terms of games and gambling options. You’ll notice that 2020 is the year for new casinos, and most of these come with sports betting options that provide you with an abundance of occasions to make money on the go. Moreover, make sure that the bookie you pick has a mobile presence so that you can place bets on your preferred cycling races while on the move and at the last minute.

Spread Your Bets

What makes cycling competitions so much fun to watch is that they tend to be quite unpredictable. Yes, there are favourites that we all have, and ones that pundits predict will win, but it is still preferable to spread your bets over a few different cyclists. Firstly, this helps increase your chances. Secondly, if a lesser-known athlete, on whom you have placed a wager, wins, the returns are astronomical. Furthermore, it is also best to place your bets across different competitions that take place throughout the year. This enables you to make money continuously and not be dependent on just one race.

Cash in on the Bonuses

Most fans are aware that watching a cycling competition, especially in real life, means waiting a lot for cyclists to pass through your spot. Thus, keeping a casino app handy can be quite beneficial as you can go about making money quickly during this time. To help further grow your profits, make the most of online bonuses that betting sites and casinos give out to their customers. You can read all about how cashspins work here and learn that besides welcome bonuses, they have a variety of cashback options that are a first in the industry. Interestingly, for those late-night live telecasts of cycling competitions, you can even pick up extra offers by using the casino’s late-night bonus code.

Track the Odds

A lot many beginners in the sports betting field are unaware that odds for players change regularly. This means that you have a better advantage of grabbing an excellent odd early on, much before the competition, than once it starts. So, it is best to divide your investments into a few parts wherein you place some wagers on the top contenders as soon as the odds are released. But you also keep some money aside for last-minute bets, based on how a particular race is progressing.


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